Zichron Menachem

Established in 1990, Zichron Menachem (ZM) is named in memory of Menachem Ehrental, an Israeli boy who battled cancer for over 14 years - from age 18 months until his young death. Drawing on their vast experience as parents of a cancer-stricken child, Menachem's parents, together with family and friends, founded ZM as a non-profit organisation aimed at easing the suffering of young cancer patients and their families.

Since its beginning, ZM has benefited greatly from the input and support of doctors, professionals, public figures and volunteers. ZM provides immediate, practical and long-term solutions to the wide range of problems that must be overcome from the moment that a child has been diagnosed with cancer.

ZM's recreational and rehabilitative programmes and activities in hospitals, patients' homes, and the ZM Day Centre in Jerusalem, as well as outings and adventure camps in Israel and overseas, constitute the backbone of its support and assistance. ZM also operates a Guest House for parents of out-of-town children who are undergoing medical treatment in hospitals in Jerusalem.

All ZM programmes, activities and facilities are offered completely free-of-charge to all Israeli children stricken with cancer and their families, regardless of religion, ethnic origin or socio-economic status.

As well as funding our day at Bruntingthorpe where we gave over 140 children,suffering from cancer, many of whom have terminal forms of this vicious disease, HabAid will also be funding a special Spa Facility at the Zichron Menachem Day Centre.

Over the past few years, HabAid has helped Zichron Menachem with various projects, acting as important partners in ZM's effort to help improve the quality of life of children with cancer.

Zichron Menachem are always looking for new ways to make life easier for our young patients who already need to cope with so much. Prior to commencing a new project, our board goes through a careful process of consideration. It has recently decided that the next goal will be to open an in-house spa at the Jerusalem Day Centre.

Why a spa?

After diagnosis very often the first question children ask is how soon they will lose their hair? Girls and boys of all ages are often more concerned about how their treatment will impact their looks, rather than the health implications.

Thanks to the many hundreds of hair donations that ZM receive from supporters around the world, ZM are able to provide young people with custom made wigs. In the last year alone, ZM created 42 custom-made wigs for children under the age of 25. ZM also style and colour the wigs, to create a look as close as possible to their existing hair style.

Yet often the children and young people do not know how to look after their new hair. Like the hair on our heads, wigs require regular refreshing, washing and combing. Until now, ZM have provided this service with the support of local hair salons. With the new spa ZM will be able to provide these services in-house.

In addition, ZM have found that spa treatments go a long way to lifting the spirits of suffering children. From manicures to massages and facials, the spa will offer treatments to help lessen the tension and pain they experience from their illness and treatment.

With an in-house spa located at the Jerusalem Day Centre, the children would not need to go to an outside provider to receive these services as they currently do, saving them the embarrassment of appearing in public without a wig or the difficulty of needing to bring an IV drip with them.

What will it look like?

ZM plan to build the spa in an area of the day centre which is no longer serving its purpose. The spa will include a waiting room with a relaxing ambience, a professional therapy room and a treatment room, each with appropriate lighting and sound systems. The spa would also have a rest area that patients can use at the end of the treatment session.

The estimated costs for the renovation and the furnishing of the spa is currently £50,000.

Because this is such a large undertaking, HabAid will be funding this project exclusively over two years.

Please watch these short videos to get an understanding of how Zichron Menachem helps Cancer stricken children and their families.

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