Israel Sports Centre for the Disabled

The Israel Sports Centre for the Disabled (ISCD) is the first sport centre for the disabled in the country and a world pioneer in the field. The Centre, which specialises in the physical and psychological rehabilitation of Israeli children and youth, opened its gates in the 1960's in order to encourage disabled kids, youth and adults to take part in Sports activities.

Israel Sports Centre

This year HabAid are funding a special programme. the purpose of which is to enable disabled infants and young children with devastating injuries, to develop and realise those inherent natural qualities that are part of a child’s spirit – such as movement, speed and playing games. In order to be able to participate in these activities, the disabled children need wheelchairs, which compensate for their loss of mobility.

The Intensive Sports Empowerment Program for disabled children was developed by The Israel Sport Center for the Disabled (ISCD) some 40 years ago, and has been our flagship program.

As part of the program, the children spend at least 2 hours a week at the fitness Center which offers a wide variety of fitness exercises performed on adapted equipment.

In the year 2017, the Israel Sports Centre for the Disabled intend to purchase a few new pieces of adapted equipment. We are kindly requesting your help with the purchase of up to 3 upper body ergometers (stationary aerobic hand cycles). These fitness equipment pieces help the disabled children build heart-lung capacity and are fun and easy to use.

The cost of each machine is £9,000, including shipment and installation. HabAid intend to buy 2 of these machines.

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