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The start of The Forgotten Peoples Fund (F.P.F), really began around May 1991, after Operation Solomon, which rescued many Jews from Ethiopia. On their arrival, they were dispersed to many different places in Israel, including Netanya, where they were accommodated in a few run down buildings and hotels. A few Anglo people, who themselves had previously made Aliya (the return of Jewish People back to the Land of Israel.), took great pity on these people, who had suffered greatly in their efforts to reach Israel. Although helped in a small way by the government, they found it very difficult to live on the meagre amount that they received, which was well below the poverty line. At first the volunteers went round, cap in hand, to many of the local shopkeepers in the area, and asked them to donate small amounts of food and clothing. They then asked their friends to help in other ways, to ensure that the recipients were the right people.

That was the start of the Forgotten Peoples fund, and this year it is celebrating its 18th anniversary, since being recognised as an independent registered charity. It is still run by a small dedicated band of volunteers, who work from their own homes, which allows nearly 99%, of all contributions received to be distributed directly to the people in need.

Whilst the government should be taking care of these underprivileged citizens, it is just not possible,due to the constant cuts in social and welfare benefits, made over the years, and it has been left to groups such as FPF, to fill the gap, to ensure that these families do not sink even further below the poverty line.

Images of our 2015 Project where we helped renovate a children's playground.

Forgotten People's Fund

Whilst many of these families have great problems paying basic household bills, house repairs and special medical costs (some of which FPF supporters help out in emergencies ), there is one particular area that causes great problems and hardship for the families . This concerns the long summer period, and what they should do with their children during this time. The parents are unable to take time off from work, without suffering further financial hardship, so it means leaving their children on their own, which in the past has lead many of them to end up on the streets, and getting involved with many bad types and even drug problems. The experts, have proved that if they have something to look forward to, this can be very important in their future development.

Unfortunately HabAid was unable to help FPF with this problem in 2015, until our committee member Robert Waterman, raised some extra funds from his white collar boxing event and kindly donated £5,000 to this much warranted cause. Without this donation, there would have been many disappointed children in 2015.

This year (2016) we are raising direct funds from our Gala Boxing Night and our target for this cause alone is £5,000. The reality is the more funds we can raise, the more children can be given the opportunity to attend the Summer Camps and so be kept on the straight and narrow.

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