Otzma (Strength) Holiday Camps

The only thing more tragic than losing a loved one is dealing with the loss and emptiness that each family of the deceased has to cope with every day for the rest of their lives.

IDFWO is a non-profit that supports the families that have lost a father, a mother or a spouse while that person was serving in the IDF.

The IDFWO has a variety of support programs including a summer camp in Eilat, wedding gifts, scholarships, vacation opportunities and more.

The Otzma (Strength) Project makes a real difference to orphans’ lives because the ‘strength’ camps provide a unique environment that encourages children to go through a crucial therapeutic process. IDFWO, together with trained volunteer counselors take an active role in the grieving process; and alongside their peers who have experienced the same loss and feelings of pain and isolation, children find a safe surrounding to talk about their heartbreak. They partake in challenging, educational and fun activities designed to provide them with a learning experience that will, strengthen and support them, and help them to grow into positive and healthy individuals and proud citizens of Israel. At camp, our children make lifelong friends and discover a lifelong support network.

The children have described these camps as life changing and that with each camp, they feel stronger and more supported. Others have said that their friends outside of Otzma camps do not understand their pain, which makes them feel very isolated at home and school. Furthermore, they do not know how they would have coped with their tragedy had they not had the support network that they do at Otzma. The children all adore being reunited with their extended families at camp. The suggested funds would greatly assist us in providing IDF orphans with a much needed link in the chain of support that we provide them.

IDFWO runs 4 Otzma camps a year. HabAid have committed to trying to fund two camps by raising £10,000, which would help a great deal towards accommodation for the children.

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