Langdon Football Club

Langdon was founded in 1992 by four parents of children with learning difficulties who found there were no organisations that enabled young adults with similar needs to lead an independent life. From those early beginnings, Langdon’s services have steadily grown and we now help over 100 young Jewish people. We are proud that our members lead independent lives that, without Langdon, their parents could only dream about.

Langdon facilitates friendships between people with learning disabilities, which are sometimes overlooked or seen as less worthwhile. This means that a lot of people with learning disabilities suffer from loneliness and social isolation. Nationally, one in four people with learning disabilities have told the NHS that they rarely leave the house for more than one hour per day. This can simply be because they have nowhere to go. Facilitating social activities for our members is a key Langdon service because it increases well being and prevents physical and mental ill-health.

Langdon Football Club is an integral part of Langdon’s social programme. It is an ideal transitional group for our members from our Langdon youth club to more organised and disciplined activity; encouraging lasting friendships and developing team-building skills. The increase in confidence and social skills developed on the pitch are reflected in all aspects of the players’ lives. Members of Langdon FC are more likely to attend our other social activities including coffee evenings and Monthly Movie Mondays.

The Langdon Football Programme Langdon members practice 5-a-side football each week. Langdon FC teams compete in specialist international competitions and national leagues.

Last year 42 footballers thoroughly enjoyed playing in five tournaments across the UK and Europe. As well as their international tour, members played in a charity tournament at the Arsenal training ground in London Colney and in the JUEFA Cup – a Maccabi league for people with or without disabilities.

​The cost of running Langdon FC activities is £9,000 pa. This includes all travel, expenses, kit, pitch hire and support staff and a percentage of the salary of Victor Campbell, our Activities Manager, who coordinates all of the football events. In 2016 HabAid will be funding this worthwhile and often overlooked cause and will become the official team sponsor with the habAid logo on the team football shirts.

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