British Emunah

Emunah provides residential homes, therapy centres. high schools, children's day care centres and community centres.

British Emunah is a UK registered charity which relies entirely on donations to support 37 Emunah projects in Israel.  Set up in 1933 by a group of British women who wanted to provide practical help for children escaping Nazi persecution, today Emunah has developed service to meet the very different problems faced by the thousands of Israeli children who are “at-risk”. 

An island of serenity and stability for some of Israel’s most needy children, the Emunah Sarah Herzog Children’s Centre is a residential and after-school therapeutic daycare facility serving 180 children at risk aged 5-18 and was established in 1949 to provide a haven for young holocaust survivors.

The Emunah Children’s Centre strives to provide children with a safe and nurturing environment while enhancing parent-child relationships and helping parents develop parenting competence as well as conflict solving skills. But the main attribute of our Children’s Centre is its warm and caring family atmosphere. For many of our children it is the first time in their lives that someone cares enough to laugh with them when they are happy, cry with them when they are sad, say no and mean it, say “I promise” and fulfil it; to be the family they never had and say “I love you” without expecting anything in return.

Emunah has so many programmes that help young vulnerable children. Please help them by making even a small donation