HabAid Children’s Names

HabAid Children’s & Grandchildren’s Names

Each year we produce a prestigious Souvenir Brochure for our Gala Boxing Dinner. The brochure is distributed to some c500+ people who attend the event as well as many others.  The brochure is well read, because it not only has details of HabAid and our worthy causes, but details of the menu, boxing schedule, auction items and many other important information that guests refer to throughout the evening. Our toastmaster regularly asks our guests to refer to the brochure throughout the evening. A key feature of the brochure is the Children’s & Grandchildren’s Page, where we offer supporters the chance to list the names of their loved ones, so that in some small way our own children feel a part of the bigger picture and can have a direct and positive effect on the children we raise money for. Below is a copy of the 2013 children’s brochure page. Please get your own children involved by donating just £20.00 per name and you can have your loved ones name printed in this prestigious brochure for 2015. Simply click here and you will open a new page in My Donate where you can send your gift to help a child. IMG