Orr Shalom

For over 40 years, Orr Shalom has provided a warm and loving home for children whose home has been declared to be unsafe physically and emotionally by Social Welfare Services

Orr Shalom is the leading Israeli non-profit foster organization caring for children and youth removed from their homes by the welfare authorities due to parental dysfunction, severe neglect as well as mental, physical and sexual abuse.

For over 40 years, Orr Shalom has sought to provide these children with everything they need – from immediate protection, a warm home and an embracing family environment to the tools for proper development and a real chance for an improved present and future. Since its inception, Orr Shalom has significantly expanded its network of therapeutic frameworks and solutions to address the plight of children at-risk – regardless of religion, race or gender – to break the cycle of violence and need, to restore faith in themselves, their environment and the adult world.

Today, the organization cares for over 1,400 children, youth and young adults – from birth to age 27 – in a variety of programs and frameworks that provide individualized treatment tailored to the specific needs of the child, at any given moment. Orr Shalom strives to ensure the highest level of professionalism, through intensive interaction between the child and the highly-trained staff. In this way, we are able to ensure that every child receives the utmost attention, quality care and an individualized enrichment and treatment program designed to help them flourish.

Shimon Peres, the former President of the State of Israel, bestowed upon Orr Shalom The President’s Award for Volunteerism in recognition of the organization’s pioneering work in the field of therapy, support and the provision of a warm home for children at-risk.

Who are the children we care for?

  • Babies like Noam, a cocaine addict at birth who was so severely manhandled by his parents that he subsequently had to undergo two brain surgeries
  • Children and adolescents like 8-year-old Yael, whose father murdered her mother and then committed suicide
  • Jews, Arabs, refugees and children of foreign workers
  • Jews, Muslims and Christians from religious, traditional and secular backgrounds
  • Children from immigrant and veteran families
  • In addition to the children coming from a background of abuse and neglect, about 200 of the children have special needs, such as a physical and/or intellectual disability.

Orr Shalom’s activity is supported by your donations which enable the children to receive educational support, enrichment activities, field trips as well as providing for special needs and nurturing talents and hobbies